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'Tap Tap Dungeon' is a dungeon crawler designed to be played by adults and kids together, on a pc and tablet, respectively.

Download here for the executable, and play as a knight to clear the dungeons of baddies! Connect a second player on a tablet , and have them join in the fun by dropping in items to help (or hinder) your knight complete their journey!


Player 1 needs a controller and Player 2 needs another device that connect to the internet!

Joining as Player 2

To add a second player to your game, visit play.supine.dev and enter the room code shown in the Top Right of the UI, as demonstrated below. 


Meet The Team!

Team Supine is a team of 4 from University of Plymouth. We all worked on programming and game design features, as well as taking on these specific roles for the project:

Alex Pritchard - Technical Lead - Codebase Manager - QA Tester

Solomon Cammack - Technical Lead - Repo Manager - Tehcnical Relations Manager

Josie Wood - Scrum Master - Lead Designer - QA Tester

Zack Hawkins - Product Owner - Client Liason - Secondary Designer     

Install instructions

Download the latest version of the project (v1.0.1) and extract the .zip folder.

Run the TapTapDungeon.exe file

Join a player 2 by visiting play.supine.dev


Tap Tap Dungeon v1.0.1.zip 24 MB
Tap Tap Dungeon v1.0.0.zip 24 MB

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