ever noticed how your socks mysteriously vanish? you can never find a matching pair... BEHOLD, THE SOCK GOBLIN.

an entry for the bitsy jam!🧦🐸

The theme was "goblinssssssssss". the theme a couple of jams BEFORE THAT was "frogs"... I missed that jam. dammit.


WASD/arrow keys for movement, interacting with the world and reading dialogue.


collect all your owners socks, you mischievous little frog fellow :-)


"well that was cute as HECK"

"a strange but oddly endearing game"

"i liked ur frog game v much, especially appreciated henlo stinky frog"

"this little goblin omg. wheehehe socks"

Please leave your review in the comments below! :-)

Published 27 days ago
GenreRole Playing
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, Frogs, Game Jam, goblin, Pixel Art, sock
Average sessionA few minutes
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I really liked the effects when you entered/left the areas, super cute ^^

henlo stinky frog

What an absolute delight to play!! It's fun to play a mischievous frog...I was excited to find each different sock along the way :)

So enjoyable to have a lil explore and cause mischief! I especially liked entering the pond, super cute!!

Oh this was so delightful to play! The little frog animations made me happy and the the little areas were so fun to be in.

Your drawings are wonderful! <3